Essay on Assessing Competence Across the Four Fields of Nursing

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This reflection will focus on a health promotion experience. During my placement period. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO 2013) health promotion enables people to increase control and improve their health. The Driscol and Teh
(2001) model of reflection which has three cue questions, what, so what and now what will be used. The rationale for using this model of reflection is that it has further questions which will help in the reflective process. To maintain confidentiality, the
To maintain confidentiality, the patients name has been changed to pseudonym Mrs Smith, in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council Code (NMC 2008)'
Whilst I was on placement period, I had the
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In addition, the Department of Health (2008) predicted that if no action was taken 60% of men and 50% women and 25% children would be obese by 2050.
As part of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institutes obesity education initiative, nurses have an important role in the health education related to obesity prevention and control (Edelman and Mandle 2006). Keller (2008) argues that it is difficult to promote health with patients who have poor lifestyles but there is need for health professionals to intervene. I explained the importance of losing weight but Mrs Smith seemed to be at the pre-contemplation stage of the Trans-theoretical model of behaviour change (Prochaska and Diclemente 1982). Mrs Smith believed that nothing could help her lose weight as she had been obese all her life. MacMillan (2010) clarifies that talking about how one feels can be awkward.

Mrs Smith did not come with anyone for support for the pre-assessment appointment and stated that if her husband was present it would depress him to know that the surgery was going to be rescheduled until she lost weight. Despite her being upset, agitated and angry at the beginning of the pre assessment, she later on settled after a long discussion on the importance of losing weight and the decision at hand that the surgery will be postponed; and agreed to be

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