Assess The Evolution Of Leaders And Their Impact On Organizational Strategy

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Assess the Evolution of Leaders and Their Impact on Organizational Strategy
Understanding how leaders evolve is perhaps at best a subject of great ambiguity; the term has a multitude of connotations depending on whom you ask as well as - where the question is being asked. Leadership, this is a commonly used word throughout any organization; however, the term, leader or leaderships are foremost projecting conflicting connotations and rarely defined in completeness.
Although, many of those organizational leaders possess a wealth of education and a well-defined understanding of the organizational process, many of them tend to fail in leadership roles. This is possibly due to the lack of leadership qualities or traits that lead to a lack of effectiveness. However, leaders come in many facets; it is necessary to have a complete view or understanding of the meaning of the concept of a leader. Let us look at this paradigm closer, the terms “leader and leadership”- the two words are used synonymously, and many times the terms are tossed about simply associated with a title of those who are in command, but are they truly leaders. Leaders have abilities that stand out in the wake of those stereotypical thinking cohorts. Moreover, a leader possesses the ability to project realism and courage to think differently at times when it is necessary.
There are perhaps many with the idea that an individual’s personality determines the individual leadership style. Tiernan (2006) states there…

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