Assault Of Wall Street: Movie Analysis

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Assault on Wall Street
Assault of Wall Street is a movie, which was released in 2013, and was directed by Uwe Boll. The main characters of this movie are, Jim Baxford (Dominic Pucell), and the portfolio-manager Jeremy Stancroft (John Heard). The following is a short summary of the movie.
Jim Baxford (Dominic Pucell), A former soldier and armored car driver, lives with his wife, Rosie, in New York. Rosie has a brain tumor, and the insurance has reached its limit, so they weren’t able to afford the treatment. Jim decides to cash in the pension he earned in the military, hoping to get an interest and be able to pay for his wife’s treatment. He looked for a financial adviser to help him find a good investment, however, he learned that much of his money was lost as a result of a bad investment. In addition, he was sued to pay $60,000 for bad real-estate investments conducted by his financial adviser. So Jim borrowed $10,000 from a friend, to pay for an attorney to sue his financial adviser, and also arrange a meeting with an assistant district attorney to discuss the wrongdoings of his adviser. However the assistant district attorney is unwilling to meet with him, and also the attorney
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As said at the end of the movie, by portfolio manager of the (Jeremy), the famous rich people of history didn't get rich by honest work, and that capitalism is a survival of the fittest society, where the strong survive and the weak die off. Many Americans have hated this system for a long time because only rich people benefit from it. Basically, Wall Street plays the crucial role of intermediation, matching borrowers with lenders (New York Times). However, lenders tend to get a lot of interest from it, while borrowers tend to lose a lot of money from it. Therefore, this favors rich people to become richer, and poor people to become

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