Aspects That Affect Social Work In Human Service Workers (Hsos: An Analysis

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There are many aspects that affect social workers when working in Human Service Organisations (HSOs). This essay will firstly examine how HSOs differ from other bureaucracies, how a particular organisation may seek to bring about change in a client, how the external environment impacts on a HSO, why it is important for social workers to understand these aspects, and the importance of critically effective practice in providing quality service. Secondly the essay will look at other important characteristics for providing ‘good’ organisational practice such as effective communication, conflict resolution skills, accountability, leadership, dealing with changes and client empowerment. Finally, I will discuss potential issues, dilemmas and challenges that social workers may be confronted with such as negative impacts of managerialism, discrepancies between worker and organisational values, dealing with organisational change, issues surrounding working in a female dominated workplace and …show more content…
There may be discrepancies between the values of the individual and the aims or procedures of the organisation. The implementation of managerialism often causes tensions for workers. Hughes and Wearing (2013) attribute the rise in managerialism is due to the rise of neo-liberal thinking. Managerialism often places more importance on performance monitoring rather than the quality of help clients are receiving; this can cause cognitive dissonance among social workers who place quality care above quantity of care. As change is inevitable, it is important for workers to strive to embrace organisational change from factors such as managerialism either by participating in strategies to deal with change or by taking a leadership role to help other embrace this change, in order to continue helping clients (Hughes and Wearing,

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