John Bowlby's Theory Of Attachment Essay

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3.1 and 3.2 According to McLeod (2007), attachment is a theory developed by psychologists to describe how a child interacts with their parents or carer. John Bowlby (1907 - 1990) was a psychoanalyst who believed people with mental health and behavioural problems could be how the person was brought up as a child. He named his theory the theory of attachment. This theory suggest that parent behaviour towards a child can have either positive or negative effect on the child. For example, if a parent show love, support and care to the child then will feel secure and loved but if the parent or carer rejection, unloved or anger them the child will be avoidance or resistant so therefore the child the ability to form an emotional and physical "attachment" …show more content…
However it is important for this to occur in the child’s early infant years. If a child has a healthy attachment with their parent or carer , this means the child will have a good relationship with other, good self esteem and confident when growing up to become an adults. For example if a child is crying, hungry or scared and the parent or Carer responds by meeting the child's needs or offer reassure and comfort, these help them build better relation with others, have self confidence and grow to be a happy person. However if a child does not form positive attachment with parents or caregiver it could have a negative impact on the child. Insecure attachment has been shown to negatively affect the child’s growth and development. (, 2018). This can have a major effects of their mental, behavioural, and emotional development. Ainsworth highlighted that insecure attached children can limited abilities to explore their environments in healthy ways hence turn out to be apprehensive, disorganized, and anxious due to the rejection or inconsistent attention to their needs. (Ainsworth

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