Asking Of Favors Is An Ever Present Theme Essay

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Asking of favors is an ever-present theme inThe Iliad. The asking of favors is an salient way with which people in Greek mythology accomplished tasks. Without them Achilles would never have been needed in the fight, nor would have had a reason not to fight. Favors from the gods are what gave one side a decisive edge when they were winning the war. The practice of asking for favors was a widespread tactic used with great avail. Three instrumental occasions in which a favor is asked in The Iliad are between, Chryses and Apollo, Thetis and Zeus, and Thetis and Hephaestus. Chryses was the priest of Apollo residing the town of Chryse. His town was raided and pillaged by the Greek soldiers on their way to Troy. Subsequent to the incursion his daughter, Chryseis, was taken as loot by the Greeks’ commander Agamemnon. Chryses approached Agamemnon with ransom and wishes of triumph for them in their upcoming clash with the trojans. In opposition to the opinion held by the majority of the Greek soldiers, Agamemnon decided to refuse Chryses and keep Chryseis. In response to this Chryses prays to Apollo and asks him to make the Greek warriors pay for his mistreatment. In this prayer he bestows Apollo with many compliments and acknowledges his greatness. He also mentions the temples he has built in the great God’s honor as well as the many sacrifices he has made to him. His words incentivize Apollo to take action in defense of his loyal worshiper and cast a plague upon the Greek camp.…

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