Argumentative Essay-Asian Food Is Healthy

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Asian Food is Healthy Imagine an American family going to for dinner at an Asian restaurant in America. They have a great time trying new and old favorite foods. They try to eat the food with chopsticks and in the end they end up eating too much at the buffet. They each grab a fortune cookie for the ride home. But when they return home one of the family members ends up getting sick from the food. Why is this something that tends to happen so often? Most Americans that have experienced this type of situation may believe that it means Asian food is not healthy for them, but this is not true. Actually Asia’s traditional food and diet are much healthier than America’s food and diet. This is because Asian restaurants, foods, kitchen supplies, …show more content…
Many people in the twentieth century that have not tasted traditional Asian cuisine may think that what they eat in their own country is Asian food. But no, it is far from it. With added fats and carbs and strong flavors to dishes that originally don’t ask for it can cause nausea, and so can fish that is not thoroughly cooked. Overall, the Asian diet and Asian food is very natural and an acceptable source of nutrition for the body. As it is eaten slower and is more balanced toward the diet pyramid. It may be easier and cheaper to purchase in the American market and to eat the American diet, but it will eradicate people’s health and bodies as time passes. And only traditional Asian food is the best in nutrition, for most Asian foods in other countries apply more fats to their meals. Also traditional Asian cuisine is made differently from its kitchen tools to its ingredients. To encourage eating right there are Asian markets where people can purchase more traditional ingredients, this helps by letting others create dishes at home. Can America change the way it sees and cooks Asian food for a healthier feel? Only time will tell as Asia tries to maintain their more balance diet and America becomes more obese and the county’s health problems

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