Ashes By Susan Beth Pfeffer

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District Summative Picking between two things is difficult but picking between two parents is even more difficult, which parent would you pick? Ashleigh is the main character of the short story “Ashes” by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Ashleigh is a very kind and caring person but sadly her parents are divorced. And she has a hard decision to make which could upset one of her parents. She either has to steal money from her mom to help her dad financially or not take the money. Ashleigh is going to steal the money from her mom because her dad is making her feel special, he convinces her she won't get in trouble, and Ashleigh is very concerned for her dad. Ashleighs father is making her feel special. The way he does this is first, he lets her buy anything at the restaurant they go to. According to the story is states “Take your pick, Ashes. Hamburger, triple decker, …show more content…
One way he convinces her she won't get in trouble is He tells her they are just borrowing the money. According to the short story it says “Maybe you could borrow the money just for a day of two, until i straighten out all my finances.” This quote shows he will borrow the money but pay her back in two days. So Ashleigh should trust her dad because he is a parent and you should always trust your parents. Another way he convinces her she won't get in trouble is he tells her he will take the blame. In the story Ashleigh asked her dad what would happen if her mom found out and he said she would be angry at him. This shows Ashleigh shouldn’t fret one bit because she won't get that blame. plus in the story Ashleighs father says he will pay her back. In the text it says “I swear to you, Ashes, I’d have the money in your hands by Friday at the latest.” This quote shows that her dad will pay her back Friday and he swore to Ashleigh. She is now probably very assured in taking the

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