Aryan Migration

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The Aryan Migration to India
Aryan people, who speak the Aryan language, are presently found in the India subcontinent that hosts India, Nepal and the Pakistan nations. The Aryan languages existence in this region has a long history of over 3000 years with records of these languages having been spoken in the subcontinent around 1000 BCE (Bryant and Laurie, 6). However, according to the Aryan migration theory, which was introduced in the 18th century, the people of Aryan languages had migrated from Europe continent and later settled on the India subcontinent. This theory has faced position from the Aryan people and other historians claiming that the Aryan people are the indigenous people of the region and did not migrate from another area of
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The war occurred in the period between 2000 BCE and 1800 BCE, which diffused people from the European continent to the Levant region and inner region of the Asian mainland (Frawley, 1). This diffusion is estimated to have started early in the year between the 5th and the 4th millennia BC when the Aryan people spread across the grassland region of the Eastern Europe. However, the initial migration was accelerated by the chariot war causing the Aryan to spread further into the Asian continent.
During the chariot war, the Aryan language spread first in the Asian region due to the diversity that existed in these languages. The difference made the Aryans adamant and thus when they encountered any group of people in their way, they absorbed them into their culture (Kivisild, 216). It reminds me a lot of how the Europeans came over to the US and forced Native Americans to fall into our culture. The culture was also a factor as it assisted in the integration with the communities in the Asian countries, hence accelerating the rate at which migration
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It’s been proven that chariot war, drought, plague and invasion were some of the possible reasons that made the Aryan to migrate from Europe and central Asia. When they arrived in India sub-continent it believed that they adopted the culture of city life from the native people but in return introduced both Hindu religion and caste system. However, the Aryans refute these claims stating that historical occurrences do not prove any existence of

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