Arts Schools And The Music Schools Of The Nation Essay

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As of recent there has been a national debate as to the importance of art like classes and activities in school as vital to the learning process. These classes include art, drama, dance, and music. While none of these classes are required in common core, nor in most high school required classes for graduation. However, many students throughout all schools of all ages enjoy these classes and continue to enroll in them as their education continues. There are even colleges that are focused around these programs such as the arts schools and the music schools of the nation. Many students who do not excel as much in physical activities such as physical education and sports activities often prefer to enroll in these other classes and after school activities. As this is the question of debate in the nation many understand these classes of an importance because they allow self-expression, learning experience, and are essential to the well roundness of a student’s curriculum in high school. It is important for art programs to be included in schools firstly for the idea of self-expression of the students enrolled in such classes. All over the United States of America, there are programs in nearly every school that allow students to find at least one in which they enjoy. For those who are actively inclined, mainly in sports, the classes such as physical education and sports medicine and human anatomy may strike their interest. However, not all students enjoy expressing themselves…

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