Artifact Essay

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In our daily life we usually see artifacts likes coins, vase and also the building around us. Usually we do not pay attention to the history of the buildings or the monuments, for example where it came from and how it was made. We are so occupied with our life that we do not even know when was the artifact or the architecture was built in. If it is from an ancient period or from the medieval period. If that artifact was made in ancient time periods, then how can we compare with the artifact that was created in the medieval time periods. What were some difference between these artifacts that was made in different time period? Before that, how can we define if that artifact or architecture was from ancient or medieval time period. If an artifact is from ancient, it would look kind of old and distort and if an artifact is from the medieval time period, then that will be going to represent as a style of the middle ages like shiny and shivery. For example, an ancient’s artifact or architecture will be looking for Woman seated between two felines, Catalhoyuk, Turkey …show more content…
As you can see in the ancient artifact did not show enough detail because when the artifact was discovered it was distorted comparing to the medieval artifact is shown enough details that you can see a shepherd carrying a sheep to save his life.
Continuing on, as you can see there were least, similarities than differences about ancient and medieval artifacts, just like that, if you compare the architecture from both if the periods has the same concept but they have multiple differences. If we looked one of the ancient artifact called Pyramids, it made of the millions of stone blocks with wetting the sand and heavy objects. Ancient architecture usually built from natural resources like sand, water and stones. Like it is shown in the image

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