Essay on Articles On The Articles Of Confederation

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The Articles of Confederation in 1781 was the very first time a set of laws was written down by the newly independent United States of America. The Articles gave freedom and sovereignty to the governments of the individual states and made the national Congress the highest level to end disputes. The Congress was also in charge of things such as treaties and alliances, monetary systems, regulating the navy and army, and being the final say for disputes. These set of laws were a good starting point for the new country. It was the first time a set of laws was physically written down, giving the people a definite and final law to follow, as it could not be changed. Some of the laws were a good skeleton for what would become the Constitution America has today. However, not all of the Articles were beneficial to the country. The states as individuals had too much power, and the central government did not have enough. Therefore, from 1781 to 1789 the Articles of Confederation did an alright job of providing America with an effective government, however not a very good one.
In Document E, the map depicts the territory America’s states ceded during and after the instatement of the Articles of Confederation. During the reign of the Articles, because of Article VI, individual states did not have the power to cede and claim new territories on their own. The only areas ceded during the Articles of Confederation was the Tennessee River by New York and a small area in Georgia. After the…

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