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Article Review on:
Toward Culture Intelligence: Turning Cultural Differences into a Workplace Advantage.

The article under review is entitled as "Toward Culture Intelligence: Turning Cultural Differences into a Workplace Advantage." by Earley, P. Christopher, and Elaine Mosakowski. This article has been acquired from the journal, Academy of Management Perspective, Volume 18, Issue No. 3 and was published on August 1, 2004. The article attempts to explain the traditional approaches that were used in understanding and explaining the differences among people who belonged to diverse backgrounds and have a different culture. It then focuses on the recent development of a newer approach that is cultural intelligence, its framework and
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This approach deals with the ability of a person to adapt to different cultures. The author then describes the cultural intelligence framework that consist of three parts i.e. head, heart and body. The head deals with the cognitive part that is what we know about a particular culture and our learnings. The heart deals with the motivation part that is a person’s capability to perceive different cultural cues and to reengage in face of hindrances. The body part deals with the behavior that is the person’s ability to act appropriately in face of a diversified culture. Lastly, the authors states five CQ profiles which includes: the local, the analyst, the confident, the mimic and the cultural chameleon. The authors end the article by briefly providing ways to enhance cultural intelligence of an individual.
Beginning with the title of the article that says "Toward Culture Intelligence: Turning Cultural Differences into a Workplace Advantage" we get an idea that the article will pertain to the cultural diversity, the recent introduction of the concept of cultural intelligence and how cultural diversity can be transformed into a competitive edge of the company using cultural intelligence. The article is very well organized. There is step by step explanation of the key areas. The literature

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