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Employee Training and Development
Johnny Mai
HRM/300 – Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
April 8, 2015
Professor Alex Luna

Employee Training and Development
Employee training forms a vital part of the functions of an organization. There is a close relationship between employee training, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and the overall productivity. With good training strategies and management, human capital can be utilized both individually and collectively to contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. An organizational training strategy should improve the current performance of an employee through training, be able to prepare employees for future identifiable positions in the organization and help
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As per the Side bet theory, (Powell & Meyer, 2004)
Academic training
This method of training, also known as off the job training, involves further classroom training after the basic occupational training. It normally involves training to specialize in a specific field. Organizations formulate ways of accomplishing academic training to their employees by:
• Offering sabbatical leave to employees.
• Offering sponsored academic training.
• Reduced working hours to enable academic training.
The advantage of academic training is that the employee gets time off from the work environment and thoroughly focuses on their training. It also helps in formulating ideas that could be useful to the organization. The main disadvantage is that it costs the organization while the employee is out of work in case of sabbatical leave or becomes a less productive worker with the reduced hour of working. The other disadvantage is that it fosters normative commitment. An employee may feel obligated to remain in an organization to “repay the debt,” therefore reducing their morale.
Employee development impacts directly on the organizational development. Training creates efficiency and points out outdated methods that could be either modified or completely be phased out. It improves the employee morale as they are more aware of what is required from them.

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