Article Review : ' On Being An Atheist ' Essay example

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God’s existence has been a key topic of debate over the past couple of centuries. People argue either way very strongly, and many are not open to hearing the other side. When this topic is argued, there are two main arguments, the cosmological and teleological argument. In this article, “On Being an Atheist”, H.J. McCloskey argues against each of these views. He believes that without sure “proof” of God, we need to totally pitch the idea that God exists. If this were the case, many religious beliefs would have to be dissolved as well. The problem with the atheist community is that they attempt to define God and then disregard Him all at one time. In this paper I will be arguing against the points that McCloskey made throughout his article. One thing that I noticed while reading this article is that McCloskey changes the term arguments to proofs. In doing this, he points out that the proofs lack evidence, and therefore, are automatically correct. We cannot prove that God exists, and McCloskey takes full advantage of that in his article to use against Christians. Just because we don’t have all of the facts and proof doesn’t mean it is not true. One of the main things we stand on as Christians is our faith. Faith causes us to lean on God and draw closer to Him. McCloskey argues that just because the world exists, doesn’t mean we should believe in a Creator. He thinks that this earth didn’t have a Creator, instead it has just always been here. Evans and Manis…

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