Article Review : 10 Big Rules Of Small Talk Essay

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For every relationship, friendship or an acquaintance someone has made, it all started somewhere small. Asking someone what their favorite season is, how the weather is outside or even a comment about someone’s outfit can all play a part into what is called small talk. According to Matthias R. Mehl, Simine Vazire, Shannon E. Holleran and C. Shelby Clark (2010), small talk is ordinary, predictable conversations. It may also be known as “gossip,” “chat” or “time-out talk” according to Justine Coupland (2000). In Jennifer Tung’s article, 10 Big Rules of Small Talk, some simple guidelines are given on how to approach a small talk conversation. These rules include do a little homework, greet people appropriately, remember names, don’t hold back, draw the other person out, when in doubt discuss the setting, revive a dying conversation, make proper introductions, defuse unpleasant situations and make a clean getaway (Tung, n.d.). These big rules give accurate guidelines to follow for a starting conversation and make communication a lot easier. This paper will discuss and critique five of the main points reviewed in Tung’s article and an overview of small talk research. The first big rule mentioned in the article, was to “do a little homework.” According to Danielle Pillet-Shore (2011), it is important to claim knowledge of a preexisting interaction, and prior information of who they are. It is vital to understand how in depth a conversation can get based on the relationship.…

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