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Journal Review #1 Journal article review No. 1

I chose an article from the Journal My choice was an article of this journal, entitled " Back-to-School Shopping Has Changed Forever. Nielsen, Retale studies show seasonal shift—and the dominance of digital".

As the title suggests, the article is about a study, which depicts how the shopping behavior of Back-to-School articles has changed over time.
One study was published by Nielsen, “a leading global information and measurement company, (which) provides insights & data about what people watch, listen to & buy”, which goes more into how the customers
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Also Nielsen’s data shows, that the items brought by Back-to-school shoppers differ compared to the last years as less of paper and pens are sold. These items are still popular as both are sold to around 65 % of customers, but the sales figures were not as high as in the last years.
To the contrary the sales in laptops and tablets went up with 18 % and 17 % of the respondents buying them this year.

For me the question arises if it actually makes sense to get the new generation of kids more and more used and dependent to electronic devices in School.
In the Last paragraph of the article it is stated that as recent findings show, nearly all students in middle and high schools now have access to mobile devices. I can understand that the use of a Laptop or tablet is helpful in high school, as the material covered in class requires access to more background information and also that the students must be accustomed to the use of Electronics for the world of work.
Also other possible benefits are that it provides new ways for students to review school material anytime and it enables extended learning beyond the school day.

But in my opinion its wrong to use more and more electronics during their time in elementary school and middle school as mobile devices can be a major distraction for young kids and result in a deficient education and the lost of

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