Article On Laws Of The Internet Essay

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Laws of the Internet
When one thinks about the internet they imagine a tool that has limitless knowledge on tap, but most of the time they imagine their computer’s or phone’s capability of connecting to the world wide web. And on the world wide web, People are able to buy items, socialize, work, and simply relax via the internet. In many ways, the internet has changed our lives in the 21st century. Without the internet many of the jobs that thousands of people go to are obsolete. For example, many of the transactions in any stock exchange are not done over the phone anymore, but they are done on a computer through the internet. The internet plays an integral role in society, and it is safe to say without the internet humanity would instantly regress 60 years of technological advances. Now that it is understood that the internet is such an important tool of everyday life, we can wonder why laws govern the internet. Even though the internet is free and for everyone, it still has to be protected from abuse. In order to protect the rights of internet users, laws have to be in place in order to ensure that the internet is safe from cyber crime and corruption. Imagine what would happen if the internet was a free for all ungoverned system. Many people would either lose their identities, money, or a combination of the two. While internet laws are absolutely necessary, they are very controversial. Many citizens claim that some internet laws infringe the 4th and 14th amendments as…

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