Article Critique Pain Management in Pediatrics Essay

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Nursing Research Critique Utilization Plan Paper

July 24th, 2010

Nursing Research Critique Utilization Plan Paper
Part 1 Article Selection Qualitative research is investigations which use sensory methods such as listening or observing to gather and organize data into patterns or themes. Qualitative research deals more often with language than numbers. Methods of gathering information might be focus groups or interview panels. It uses a flexible research design and utilizes an inductive process to formulate a theory. The idea is to get in depth information from the participants. The purpose is to understand and interpret social interactions. Quantitative research is scientific investigations in which numbers are used to measure
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The purpose of the study was clearly stated. The aim of the study was to "examine pediatric nurses' pain assessment and management practices in relation to postoperative care for children following surgery of a fractured lower limb and to compare these practices with evidence based guidelines" (Shrestha-Ranjit & Manias, p. 118, 2010).The research question was clearly stated. The research question is "How do nurses assess, manage and document postoperative pain in children aged 5-15 years who are hospitalized after orthopedic surgery of a fractured lower limb?" (Shrestha-Ranjit & Manias, p. 120, 2010). There is a clear operational definition. "A manual review of medical records of children who had surgery of a femoral or tibial fracture between 1 June 2003 - 31 May 2005 in an Australian, metropolitan, pediatric hospital... inclusion criteria were as follows: all children aged 5-15 years who had a surgical procedure for a fractured femur or tibia and those who had a postoperative duration of stay for at least 24 hours. Exclusion criteria were as follows: children who had multiple injuries; those with fractures to other parts of the body and children who were admitted to the ICU" (Shrestha-Ranjit & Manias, p. 120, 2010). The study used a retrospective clinical audit design. The researchers collected data from the past, looking back at what has been happening with pain management in pediatric

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