Article And Basic Information Of Article Essay

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Introduction and Basic Information of Article Danish researchers Jensen and Sørensen, who work and write for Nordicom, are concerned about how social networks shifted its role from social interaction and bonding with others to work as a social negotiation, which leads to reshape and redefine of the existed relationship and friendship (Jensen & Sørensen, 2013, p. 60). Their study suggested that the outcomes were similar to research from Danah Boyd`s “social converges” and “networked publics” (Boyd, 2008, 2013, as cited in Jensen & Sørensen, 2011, p. 50), explaining their online friends categories into three sections: “strong, and weak (or latent)” (Grenovetter, 1973, as cited in Jensen & Sørensen, 2013, p. 50), showing the possibilities of becoming connected with the host user.

Initial support
With their collected research data in Denmark by 1710 internet users, among 970 concentrated users on Facebook and selected twenty individuals who agreed with accessing their profiles, this quantitative article’s explicit purpose is to define norms of friendship and privacy issues of sharing information on social media (Jensen & Sørensen, 2013, p. 49). Conversely, I believe their implicit purpose appears on this quote: “identify a schism between saying and doing” (Jensen & Sørensen, 2013, p. 49), figuring out the users’ social behaviors on internet activities more in-depth by surveillance.
Their research centre was supported under the supervision of “Göteborgs University”, Denmark`s…

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