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Fixon Ball Clicker Erasable: Appealing to Younger Women

There is a young American girl in the middle of the page. She is wearing a collared shirt and a sweater vest, she has her hand on her forehead as to show “oh no, not anther mistake.” She appears to be sitting at a desk in a classroom working on drawing pictures of animals. Above the girl’s head are the words “Erase every ‘Oops.’” in red, italicized font. At the bottom of the page there is a long red pen that takes up three-fourths of the width of the page. On the pen it says Frixon Ball Clicker Erasable. On the left side of the pen there is a picture of a hand using the pen to begin to erase the words Incredible, Erasable ink, in red little font. Under that illustration there is
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Many of ads and projects in this magazine attract children and being creative. This particular ad targets middle class women who may or may not work, that do have children, and want to see their children do well in school. These mothers would do or buy anything that would help their child be in best and succeed in school.
This ad would appeal to middle-class inner-directed emulator. She shops for convenience and name brand products, not just for herself but for her children too. This full-page ad, in black and white with some color would draw her in. The ad might make her reminisce back to the days when she was in school and how annoying it was to make a mistake and not be able to erase it. Therefore, this ad would appeal to her emotions and make her want to be able to help her child and be able to prevent those frustrations.
However, as I stated earlier, middle-class mothers are not the only women who subscribe to and use Women’s Day magazine. Another demographic who subscribes to this magazine are young women, mostly ones that have just got out of college or are about to get out of college that are beginning to start a new chapter in their lives. These young women may be living away from home with significant others or may be newly married and are advancing into the middle-class and beginning to start families. These women may be learning how to do their taxes or fill out important paperwork for the very

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