Maternal Health Care Sociology

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Woman’s experience and utilization of maternal health care during pregnancy was exhibited differently in each person interviewed. The use of prenatal care and the utilization of maternal health care services was slightly different depending on the socio-demographic data of the participants which ultimately impact the maternal and birth outcome. Women’s interpretations about pregnancy intention and their social experiences regarding pregnancy intention may vary by race or ethnicity. When C.J., the 35 year-old, who was White American asked if she planned for the pregnancy, she said she planned for the pregnancy and she actually choose to delay the pregnancy because she was little bit overweight. So, she tried to take her weight as normal as …show more content…
C. J found the health care system very helpful. She used a nurse midwife through her pregnancy and for the delivery instead of a medical doctor. She felt that the midwife was able to give her the care she wanted. She was very grateful for the diagnosis and treatment she received the time she developed “Group B Strep”, which is a kind of bacteria that colonize the vagina and could be passed on to the baby during labor and birth. She was satisfied not only with the care she had but also the social support she received from her midwife. C. J complemented on the insurance company she had in terms of the information they sent from time to time during and after the pregnancy and making sure that she had proper care. In regards to challenge to utilization of health care, she stated that
In general rarely do I get sick and usually prefer natural things rather than medication. I had wanted to deliver the baby naturally and with no medication. I think that few women choose this option, and the health care system seems to be set up to better suit women who want epidurals and any other pain medications. Because of being positive for Strep B, and because I didn’t go into labor after my water broke, I had to be induced with Pitocin and
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She believed that nutritionist advices and program prevented her from gaining too much weight and developing gestational diabetes and ultimately maintains healthy pregnancy. However, she noticed that timing of doctor visit wasn 't adequate. Another challenge N.W encountered was the time she had a depressive symptoms at the beginning of her pregnancy. She felt that she didn 't receive treatment required or even the support she needed. Contrary to N.W. and C. J’s experience of health care system, S. J revealed that
The public hospital was full of booking. I remember one time I tried to rebook my appointment because I had an exam in the same day but the next appointment they offered was late and if I accepted it I have to miss the visit for that month. So, I prefer to go to a private clinic and pay for the visit instead of waiting for the hospital appointments. I also noticed that the registration desk never asked me when is the suitable time for you. No one care that I’m student and I have a very limited

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