Article Analysis : ' Reading And Writing With Purpose Essay

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Article Synthesis The article by Janet Atkins, “Reading and Writing with Purpose: In and Out of School,” talks about how teachers should teach with a student’s purpose and passion in mind. Donald Murray’s article, “Teach Writing as a Process Not Product,” discusses his view that teachers should teach writing as a process, not a product. Both articles touch on how to teach English, though the message they convey is different. Both articles share several common rhetorical concepts, but differ others, they have a common audience and purpose, while their message is different. Atkin’s article is tailored heavily towards teachers of English. Atkins consistently uses language and examples that are deliberately chosen to have the best impact possible on teachers. In her article, she states “we need to be active, engaged readers and writers ourselves” (Atkins 13). Her word choice shows that she intended the article to be read by teachers, talking about how “we” as teachers need to do this. Her article continually uses third person possessive pronouns, showing that she’s talking about not her students, but the students of any teachers who may be reading the article. This trend is seen throughout the article, another example is seen in the 4th paragraph, in which Atkins writes “our most important job as English is to educate the imagination” (12). Which again, shows the use of third person possessive pronouns when she refers to students. By using this deliberate language, she is able…

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