Arthur Miller 's The Crucible Essay

1215 Words Mar 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Shivam S. Patel
K. Brownlee
English Language Arts III
6 March 2016
Surviving a Crucible: John Hale
Eventually, everyone goes through a crucible. There are people who become stronger from the experience and survive it, and those who die. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible precisely depicts those two types of people with many of its characters put through a crucible. Some die, some come out the other end as stronger and more prepared individuals. The play is a slightly altered and dramatized story of the Salem Witch Trials hysteria in a Puritan village of Salem in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The drama has plenty of static and dynamic characters. One example is Reverend John Hale, who survives his crucible. He is a figure of great significance in both the Salem Witch Trials and the play itself. He is particularly interesting in that he is a protagonist that changes more than any other character and has an intention of “preserving goodness and light” (157). The author’s aspiration of portraying Hale as an influential individual is proven by the fact that he writes a rather large introduction and background for the reverend in Act I. He describes Hale as a “tight-skinned, eager-eyed intellectual” (157). Reverend Hale is a significant protagonist because he starts as an intellectual with authority and transitions to show deeply his regret and his new zeal to reverse the hysteria he has caused.
Reverend Hale is an intellectual and witchcraft know-it-all from a neighboring town called…

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