Artemis Sportswear Proposal Essay

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Artemis Sportswear Proposal
Alyssa Casler, Derrik Carr, John Humphrey, Raven Porter, Tieran Dysart
Oct 13, 2014
Rebecca Kinney

Artemis Sportswear Proposal
When running a business, there are many factors that go into a successful business. Keeping your customers, shareholders, and employees happy will determine if your business fails or succeeds. The biggest part in keeping a business thriving is if it is making money. We could raise prices and leave everything the way it is, but that could lead to a decline in customers. Raising the prices with no inside changes to how the business runs could also scare away investors or lead to less interest in our company. This could also lead to our employees not having very much
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Training One change in training can help the company not rely on specialists that typically demand higher pay than non-specialists do that change is called cross training. Cross training is improving the proficiency levels of all employees in many different skills outside of their normal roles. This will ensure that all employees know and can perform the steps in the production process (Mayhew, n.d.). This method will ensure that recruitment and training new hires will happen less often since the employees will have learned more skills than when they came in.
Before we consider hiring, we should consider adding overtime pay. According to Lewis, M (n.d.) considering if our current employees would enjoy the extra pay we would be able to get more work done with fewer people. The overtime pay could be considerably less than hiring, recruiting, and spending money to retain employees.
Outsourcing certain duties to third party services is another viable option. Instead of hiring full time employees for non-critical tasks such as janitorial, secretaries, or other maintenance duties we can combine the use of technology and independent firms according to Lewis, M (n.d.). Finding a service that can provide janitors and maintenance staff for a smaller fee than paying monthly salaries can be very beneficial. For duties, that

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