Essay on Art of Seeing

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The Art of Seeing Essay
Nick Cave
Mixed Media
Page 184

Soundsuit, created by Nick Cave in 2009 resembles a cloud of ceramic birds that surrounds a body suit of crocheted yarn pieces. The structure that resides on the crocheted body suit resembles the flight pattern of the birds, some delicate lines with beads and others strong, steel like structure protruding upwards, almost looking like tree branches or roots of a tree if looked at upside down. The body suit has various colors although keeping a palate of reds, oranges, pinks, black and white. The patterns resemble flowers of various types and sizes breaking the monotony of matching patterns.
The various materials used in Soundsuit work together to create an
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The design structure of the body suite suggests that nature has its order but also keeps a very organic and natural feel to it. The contrasting of the black between shapes and flowers symbolize the presence of light; not everything in nature is well lit; there are dark parts we will never understand. Appreciation in Soundsuit is in the smallest of details. The crocheted flowers and patterns in the body suit adds the upper branch structure of the ceramic birds and beaded connections. Looking at each flower closely, time and patience were of the essence when created. The body suit design is abstract; as the structure of metal branches with the ceramic birds. Soundsuit is only the title to a theme that Nick Cave has created. There’s other mixed media body suits that have the same feel to them but have a completely different feel and look to them. The materials used to create Soundsuit came from various places such as Mardi Gras costumes and African ceremonial garment. To conclude, this art piece created by Nick Cave gives us an insight to his imagination and creativity. Seeing that Soundsuit, displayed on page 184, isn’t the only Soundsuit created; there are plenty more with various styles and exuberant materials that only Nick Cave would be able to place together and give the feel to. The colors and the balance of the

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