Reflective Essay On White Is Right

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When I think about the term “White is Right” a few things come to mind. My first thought is that there are people who actually believe that this is true. The second thought, is that our society appears to encourage beliefs such as this. In the following paragraphs I will discuss how this belief has been communicated to me throughout my life. I will also address how it affects our country, neighborhood, homes, work, and other social environments. In my early years of grade school I remember going through the pages of my history books in search for persons whom I could identify with or relate to. I knew that there would be chapters about the civil war and slavery; but I also knew that there had to be other ways Black Americans contributed to …show more content…
I work in a predominantly white rural area. The majority of my interactions have mainly been with people of the opposite race (white persons). There has been times that I have been called racist names. There have been situations that resulted in the client refusing to work with me due to my race. On a few occasions I even heard racist comments about me behind my back. When these things happened earlier in my career I did not know how to respond because I was not accustomed to working under those conditions. I would often just stand there and wonder why it was happening to me. However, I knew that racism still existed and that my chances of it reoccurring have now doubled due to the area and the location of my employment. What I did not know, is how much my clients actions would affect me when working with them. I did not receive any training that prepared me for what I was experiencing. As I continued to work I gained knowledge and experience that have allowed me obtain the “thick skin” that is required to work in this field. I now have a better understanding of my clients’ paradigms and how society has influenced them to believe that “white is right”. The ideology of white is right is deeply rooted in our culture and society. We have all been affected by it, but now have to choose if we will continue to allow it to oppress us as a people. James Lafayette did not let it oppress him, even before he was considered a man, he understood that it was something minute in a very large and diverse

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