Art, State History, And The Museum Of Indianapolis Essay

1192 Words Oct 16th, 2014 5 Pages
Museums are known for showcasing any type of history whether its art, state history, or even dark historical museums are helpful in relearning or even revisiting history. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis recently received a new exhibit called the, Terra Cotta Warriors, which exhibits actual terra cotta warriors found that were sealed in order to protect China’s first emperor in his afterlife. The emperor had thousands upon thousands built in order to ensure he would be safe after his passing. It’s even believed that there are more than 8,000 warriors. The Terra Cotta exhibit made its first appearance in the States at the Children’s Museum. The exhibit itself is astounding. The techniques that the curators designed the exhibit were functional and very detailed showing the warriors themselves and how the warriors were built. Since these warriors are extremely old and light is very sensitive, the lighting throughout the exhibit is dim. The climate also has to be controlled so the clay warriors do not lose any more color than they have already lost. Not only are the warriors showcased, the exhibit also shows other artifacts found throughout the site such as plates and furnishings. The colors depicted i the museum are red and have Chinese sliding doors to get from one part of the room to the other. When you first enter the exhibit you are placed in a room and watch a video about the first emperor and why he had wanted to create these warriors. There is also a commentator…

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