Essay about Art : Roman And Early Christian Art

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Art Tour: Roman and Early Christian Art
Head of a Roman Patrician, c. 75 B.C.E.-50 B.C.E., Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian, Marble, 36.5 cm, Palazzo Torlonia, Rome. It is human instinct to gather visual information based off the facial cues of another in order to determine the disposition of an individual. During the late Republic period of Rome, there had been a ruling class comprised of powerful and elderly men whom formed a Senate. The ancient Roman Senate had been responsible for the decisions of Rome; before Rome formed into an empire under the rule of the Augustus Caesar. It was of much importance to portray a face of virtue and wisdom to the common people who looked up to the Roman elite. During that time, the people favored extensive experience from battle, truth, and wisdom, and it was displayed through marble carvings such as the image above. There had also been a preoccupation with ancestry, perhaps as a reflection of the elderly Senate who held the power. As a result, the marble carvings created in that period honed in on facial features which denotes experience, truth, and wisdom such as balding of the head, wrinkling of the skin, drooping of the brows and nose, and an overall feel that this marble head reflects an aged individual. It is worth noting that the prior Greek culture had been of considerable inspiration for the elite of the late republic, as the Greeks were also known to dignify the wisdom of important individuals by stone sculpture…

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