Art of Listening Essay

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The Art of Listening

Learning outcomes
• Explain what we mean by listening skills • Identify why listening skills are important, from an employability perspective • Identify key reasons why we often fail to listen effectively • Adopt simple listening techniques to ensure that you listen effectively

• Almost 45% of time we spend in listening. • An essential management and leadership skill. • A process of receiving, interpreting and reacting to a message. • Difference between listening & hearing

Why Be A Good Listener?
Needs of the Customer… • To be recognized and remembered • To feel valued • To feel appreciated • To feel respected • To feel understood • To feel comfortable about a
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If you ask a group of people to give a one word description of listening, some would say hearing.

Is following and understanding the sound---it is hearing with a purpose.

Listening vs. Hearing
• Hearing- physical process; natural; passive

• Listening- physical & mental process; active; learned process; a skill
• Listening is hard! You must choose to participate in the process of listening.


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Listening is composed of six distinct components Hearing: The physiological process of receiving sound and/or other stimuli. Attending: The conscious and unconscious process of focusing attention on external stimuli. Interpreting: The process of decoding the symbols or behavior attended to. Evaluating: The process of deciding the value of the information to the receiver. Remembering: The process of placing the appropriate information into short-term or long-term storage. Responding: The

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