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Donatello is one of the most popular personalities to grace the world of Art. His works were majorly established during the Renaissance Art. There are a number of sculptures and other forms of art produced by Donatello during this period. In addition, his works were popular in the region known as Florence, found in the current Italy. This paper therefore focuses on the major issues surrounding the art of Donatello, including his biography, the history of Florence, the description of the main characteristics of Donatello’s artwork as far as Renaissance period is concerned and the different psychological aspects of his works towards humanity and other related issues. Also, the discussion of specific art created by Donatello are made.
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Throughout his life after travelling to Rome and back to Florence, Donatello was involved in creating other forms of art, including David, a sculpture he made (Greenhalgh 166). He continued building on his unique styles in coming up with other forms of art, up until around 1455. He moved to other parts of Italy and retired from his work, settling down in Florence, as the Medici family was still paying him for his work. He later died in Florence in 1466 of unknown causes and was buried in San Lorenzo, close to where his longtime friend – Cosimo de Medici. Some of the images created by Donatella during his best years in art include David – both marble and bronze, Mary Magdalene, Judith and Holofernes, crucifixion, Jeremiah, Abraham and Isaac among other artworks
Florence is one of the oldest settlements; it is based in Italy. The city was founded at around 59 BC, mainly as a settlement scheme for the former soldiers who existed during the time of Julio Caesar; the area was majorly endowed with fertile soils meant for farming. Nicknamed Florentina, the region was constructed in such a way that it resembled a military base. The city later became the capital city of Tuscia province (Crum and Paoletti

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