Art Is Beautiful And It Is A Form Of Expression Created With Meaning And Imagination

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Throughout the history of art, there are many different ways to attract the eye of the audience. What is art? One can simply define art as a form of expression created with meaning and imagination. According to the Oxford dictionary, art is beautiful and it is a way to express important ideas and feelings. Creativity is a major key in making one’s art work extremely unique and stand out towards the audience. Majority of artists are influenced by their beliefs, ideas, and the culture around them. Titus Kaphar was born in Michigan in 1976. From that moment, an artist was born. He was set out to become one of the contemporary artists whom would address and voice out the many racial controversial topics that even apply to history today. He incorporates historical research in his creative artworks and alters them to show to the true nature of history. According to the article, the author mentions, “Many of [Kaphar’s] pieces are interventions into that historical canon; he manipulates classic paintings by obscuring existing figures, inserting new ones, and blurring historical narrative” ( Titus Kaphar is an important figure who uses his artwork to exhibit the evolution of unequal rights and it’s affect on African Americans throughout history. One of his major motivations and inspiration for his specific unique of artwork comes from his need to show people who really suffered from the prejudices institutionalized by people whom many have and still continue to see as…

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