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Art History 6A 19 November 2011 Triumph! Art is an expression that we as humans do as a way to express and communicate with others. Through art every painting/sculpture has an intended purpose and message/story to convey. No matter what race, gender, or class, one can understand what message is being shared or find an entirely opposite interpretation other than what the artist intended. It can relate to the individual on a personal level, and that’s the beauty of art. In this essay I will be

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Death was rarely filled with a sense of fear, but instead embraced with open arms and seen as a necessary transition one must make to live in the afterlife. Egyptians constructed mastabas for the dead. For this reason there was a plethora of funerary offerings including statues, carvings, and paintings made and placed into mastabas. The Egyptians built their mastabas very similar to homes for the dead so when they entered the afterlife they would have all the necessities and luxuries they once had during their lifetime.
Narmers palette was an object commonly used in the preparation of eye make up, used by the Egyptians mostly to block and shield out the sun. The palette is most likely a votive or gift to the gods. Whereas the painting of "Ti Watching a Hippopotamus Hunt" was a funerary gift made to honor loved ones who have passed and entered their next chapter in life.
In both works of art, animals are portrayed but only in the palette do animals have true symbolic meaning. On the Back of the palette the upmost section portrays two cow heads one on each side, which appear to have human faces. This representation depicts a variety of interpretations: the goddess Hathor, or the goddess bat, or just a symbolism for the Kings power and strength, which is a common symbolism of a bull throughout Egyptian art. The true meaning of these symbolic bulls
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