Art Is An Essential Part Of Our Society Today Essay

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Elbert Hubbard once said “Art is not a thing; it is a way.” Art is all around us; from the floor we walk on, to the color of the walls around us, to the music we listen to on the radio. Many kids have taken on a lot of different forms that did not exist many years ago. Today, we fill our world with street art not exactly thought about to be art like mimes, circus acts, puppetry, mask theater, vaudeville, and storytelling through movement (Rapp 4). Art is an essential part of our society today and has been for many years. Because of the downfalls of the art world, many want to cut the funding for the arts in schools. Funding for the arts in todays schools should not be cut because there is a “healing power” to certain arts unlike anything else, and they help express uniqueness.
What is art? Art is known to be a product of human creativity (Rapp 4). Art is an expression of something that speaks much more than words. There are many different forms of art, even though they all affect us in sort of the same way. Art is a simple way we can express ourselves while communicating anything we want in a unique way that’s not used as commonly. Early art tells our history and what really occurred when writing was not around. Some of the art we have discovered includes cave drawings, petroglyphs, carvings, drawings from clay and dust, and rituals (4). The art from the past has changed and transformed throughout the years to obtain what we have today. We have made…

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