Public Art Programs

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Art, in its various forms, is an important part or society with many benefits. Although often not recognized as such, the arts have as much value in society as maths or sciences, and should have adequate funding. Arts bring beauty and culture to communities and participating in art helps people to develop real life skills. Having public art programs available would create a safe space for creative expression and would give more people access to materials, space, and instruction to make art. These types of programs would benefit not only those actively involved, but the community as a whole. Government funded art programs should exist because art influences personal development, is an outlet for healthy self expression, and helps to create beauty …show more content…
Self expression is important for all people’s mental health, and having arts programs would create a safe space for healthy expression. Art therapy and similar programs prove the effectiveness of using an artistic outlet to express feelings and emotions. Mental disorders and illnesses, such as depression, eating disorders, or down syndrome have seen benefits of participating in arts. A study in Norway in 2011, has shown that simply engaging in cultural activities, such as observing art has a positive effect on one’s overall health. The study, which was done by HUNT, showed that the more cultural activities one participated in, such as going to museums or plays, the higher one’s perception of their health and satisfaction in life, as well as lower levels of anxiety and depression. It is clear that self expression makes a dramatic impact on health, and art provides an outlet for that self expression, as well as connects people to their …show more content…
Having art programs within the community works to promote involvement and community building. Art brings a variety of elements to a community, such as beauty, culture, and tourism. Artistic attractions bring tourism and business to communities. New York, for example, attracts large amounts of tourists due to its artistic attractions, such as Broadway. Music festivals, art shows, and other events centered around art attract huge crowds, who bring business to the communities events are hosted in, and connects people from around the globe by participating in these cultural experiences. Since art is so culturally diverse, being exposed to different forms and styles of art, through creating it, or simply observing, can help one to connect and learn about different cultures. This cultural awareness extends past simply enjoying other’s art, but helps build a global

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