Essay on Art Is A Great And Powerful Form Of Expression

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Art is a great and powerful form of expression. Artist such as Hans Holbein, have been immortalized within his paintings. One of his most profound paintings is The Ambassador. ‘This picture memorializes two wealthy, educated and powerful young men’. This painting resides inside the National Gallery in London. Hans Holbein was born in Augsburg in southern Germany in the winter of 1497. He learned how to paint from his father Hans Holbein the Elder. ‘In 1515 he and his brother Ambrosius Holbein went to Basel, where they designed prints, murals and stained glass’. Hans use several different intensions, symbols, and techniques within his paintings, such as The Ambassador. Hans Holbein used his painting to convey certain intents on to his audience, especially in the painting of The Ambassador. ‘The distorted skull does at least show that the painting in not to be understood by reference to immediate appearances alone’. Hans loved ‘enigmas’. And so he surrounded himself with intellectual people who also enjoyed enigmas, just as much as he did. Because of this inside of his portrait of the two ambassadors, Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve, he placed several different symbols, some hidden some obscured. He did this to spark his audiences mind, get them thinking and, more selfishly, recognize his genius within the paintings subtle and interesting intensions. As most painters in the renaissance time period, he had hidden messages throughout the paint The Ambassadors. Hans…

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