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Running Head: Final Project: Time Capsule

Final Project: Time Capsule

Sally Hall

August 9, 2011

HU300-02 Art & Humanities: Twentieth Century and Beyond

Professor: Christine Richardson

Kaplan University


The purpose of this paper is to explain the contents I would add to a time capsule to be opened in the future. The paper will include an introduction, how I define happiness and examples of a piece of literary work, a song, a piece of art, film, and pop culture items and why each would benefit adding to the capsule.
Final Project: Time Capsule

My name is Sally Hall and I live in Dallas, TX. I am married with three children (two boys and one step-daughter), two
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On Christmas Eve we go to our families houses then return home. Christmas day is spent at our home with our kids. There are many things going on in 2011. The fall of the stock market is one of the major things that is happening in our current times. “Emerging-market stocks tumbled for a sixth day, sending the benchmark index down almost 20 percent from this year’s high, as concern deepened that the global economy may stall” (Patterson and Lim. August 9, 2011). As of August 2011 the national debt reached $14,564,970,167,709.38 (TreasuryDirect. August 5, 2011). The price of gas is around $3.75/gallon, a gallon of milk costs about $2.75, a loaf of bread cost $1.25, a pack of cigarettes cost $5.25. My dream for the future is that the U.S. has stabilized in the stock market and that the government goes back to the point where the people’s voice actually makes a difference. I also hope that this country realizes how important it is for children to have a good education and that the government provides more monies towards schools and teachers.
MORALITY AND DECISION-MAKING In today’s culture has put a lot of emphasis on money; having it, making it, and losing it. There are many people who will use any means necessary to obtain their money or to keep what they feel is rightfully theirs. What comes to mind as an example of a morality and decision-making in our culture is filing yearly taxes. There

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