Art Form Of Humor Essay

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The Art Form of Humor The Different Views Of Punching Up And Down
In “Why Punching Down Will Never Be Funny” by Schaach Koul, she argues that punishing down as in making jokes of those with less power is not funny. I both agree and disagree with her. Comedy has become such a controversial topic. Can a joke be considered funny depending on who is telling the joke or is it based off the intensity of the joke? In my opinion comedy is for entertaining purposes. People should stand in comedians point of views and notice they do it for laughs not to intentionally make a person feel bad. Due to fact that society has become so sensitive to most topics the art form of humor suffers. However
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People assume they know each others race expectations, and create jokes about them. For example, many people claim a white child can talk back to a parent men while a latino child may not be able to do the same. This is another stereotype I have seen on social media. Salice Rose an instagram influencer/comedian created a lip in which she mimicks a latino mom waking up their child in the morning to go to school. In the latino part of the clip the latin mom rushes in the room yelling to the child to get up. After the child caught attitude the mom pulled out “la chancla” the sandal, and starts to beat the child with it in result for speaking back. On the white part of the clip the scenario is exactly the same the child catches attitude to the mother but instead of being punished like the latin kid the white mom backs away and lets her child stay home from school. This video punches down at white people suggesting their kids don't have manners. What made this clip funny was that it was based on common stereotypes we hear about all the time. While some find the clip to be funny. I'm sure some white people laughed and others took it offensively. I personally found it funny because I have experienced this with my Mexican mom. However it does not necessarily mean you have to have experienced the situation to be found funny. I’d personally would laugh regardless if it applies to me or not simply because its stereotype. Although not everyone thinks like me. Stereotypes are only one of the many ways people punch down. Religion was another factor I had ,mentioned. Falling back to social media, i came across another meme where the joke is aimed at jehovah witnesses. The picture in the meme was a shot of the interior of a store. Follow by a caption that read “where jehovah witnesses practice.” Ridiculing how they go to people's door steps to share information about their religion. This

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