Art, Architecture, And The Cultural Heritage : Making The St. Louis Connection

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Art, Architecture, and the Cultural Heritage: Making the St. Louis Connection
In World War II, Europe withstood all of the damage of the Nazis doing while keeping their pride and identity. Even after the Nazis stole all of their prized artwork, Europe stayed united as one. The title of the movie, The Rape of Europa, is very fitting to what happened to Europe. To rape someone is an act of control. The victim of rape loses their sense of pride and self-worth, much like Europe did. Even though Europe stood as one, many people felt lost and hopeless when their artworks were stolen by the Nazis. Many precautions were taken to protect the thousands of artworks in Europe. Paintings weren’t the only types of artwork the Europeans tried saving. Paintings, sculptures, rugs, etc. were hidden or placed in strong structures so the Nazis could not find and steal them. Europe was and still is, known for holding some of the most famous artwork worldwide. Therefore, Hitler and the Nazis wanted to strip Europe of all of their magnificent pieces of artwork. Everywhere on Earth, art in every form is very sacred. Every piece of artwork has a story behind it. Many paintings in Europe tell stories of their homelands. There are remarkable buildings, and other architecture in Europe that many citizens appreciate. Artwork was beloved in Europe. The Nazi party realized how much the artwork meant to the Europeans, and they decided they wanted to take the artwork away from them. Nazis began to…

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