Essay on Art and Culture

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Art is the reflection of culture in physical form, and the various ways in which a particular culture can be communicated to the rest of the world. The art forms examined by the discussion groups include sculpture, painting, and jewelry. These are art forms that can be found in any culture, but are also unique to the culture in which they are found.
Likewise, any given culture can be represented by a multitude of art forms. For example, one of the discussion groups focused on the piece of Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe. Just as unique is traditional Shona music. While acting in different ways, both are reflective of their particular culture.
Art is a useful way of indicating the change in a culture over time. The group I was part of
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And as the Bedouins have largely ceased their nomadic practices in the wake of World War II, like the cultures of the Aboriginal and the Shona people, it has adapted to the ways of modern times. The jewelry has likely become a major source of income for Bedouins, as the art form gains admiration from those from other cultures, and has in part facilitated their new-found sedentary lifestyle.
Most of these art forms in some way also reflect the spiritual lives of their creators. Bedouin jewelry often bears symbols relevant to the Islam faith, such as the Five Pillars. Dreamtime art is, of course, centered on the concept of dreamtime, which forms the crux of Aboriginal religion. Its paintings feature many symbols that are related to the creation and the ancestral beings that were present at the time.
Like culture itself, the art that comes as a result is endlessly variable in both application, and implication. As discussed above, it can represent change, spirituality, economic independence, ways of life, or any other number of things. It can also just as easily serve to reject any of these things, becoming ways of critiquing and dismantling the ways of a particular

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