Head Of A Male Deity Analysis

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The piece of artwork that I chose to further engaged myself in as well as analyze is, Head of a Male Deity (Deva), which it originates from Thailand, specifically in the Lamphun Province. This piece in particular was created during the Haripunjaya period, which makes it approximately from the 11th/12th century Terracotta. Although the description just beside the piece did not mention the composition, it is clear that the piece is made out of some form of clay-like structure. I am assuming this not only because I stared at the piece for quite some time but also because it can be found in the sculpture section of the Art Institute. The itself piece is located in a glass case in which other artifacts that are either related to the time period or of similar material are located. The piece, Head of a Male Deity (Diva), is very possibly a figure of someone of authority during the time period, in which it was made. It is a statue of a face that has exaggerated features however, it is approximately the size of an actual human head. When dealing with composition it is important that a piece has the features of line, light, form and color. In this piece in particular the art piece has a …show more content…
However, because it approximately from 11th/12th century, exact records of this piece may haven to either been identified yet or not kept during the time it was created. With the little information given it states that the piece has the title of: Head of a Male Deity (Diva), which in parenthesis has the word diva which makes me believe that the word deity translates into the word diva. Possibly meaning that the figure was a diva of their society. The description also provides that it is from Thailand and in particular Lamphun Providence during the Haripunjaya period which apparently was during the 11th/12th century, in

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