John Biggers Baptism

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This paper will analyze and compare two works of art from Hampton University’s Museum. The first is John Biggers’ Baptism, and the second Lloyd Toone’s Natty Dred. This paper will specially analyze themes of culture and labor as they pertain to both works of art.
John Biggers’ Baptsim is a colorful painting depicting quite surrealistically several aspects of African and African American life. It was created in 1989 and it’s medium is oil and acrylic on canvas. Firstly, while the painting is colorful it is dominated with the color red. Red is an alarming color and is usually one that is used to portray conflict. However, Biggers’ painting gives an opposite calming feeling when first glancing at the painting. There’s no immediate danger to any
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It was created in 1982. The sculpture itself is interesting in its shape the objects used to make the sculpture outside of being bent or stretched have remained in mostly their original form. The sculpture itself also sticks out among the other works of art due to its near humanoid shape. Also, due to the features that makes up the sculpture it portrays a female. This sculpture addresses themes of labor, culture, and conflict. It also shares similar themes in a similar portrayal of labor and culture with John Biggers’ Baptism. But it’s separate theme conflict occurs due to Natty Dred being an individual rather than the community that is shown in Biggers’ …show more content…
There’s culture in reusing materials to make them last. Natty Dred portrays this through the materials used. In Biggers’ painting the figures lived meager lifestyles and because of that they’d have to make everything they own last. There’s also something that Natty Dred adds that is absent to Baptism and that’s the hobby of art. Often working class people don’t have hobbies because there are more important things to do with time and money. However, the Natty Dred sculpture itself is a compromise between making art and just making something. Natty Dred is a sculpture that’s actually within the means of a working class person. If a working class person wanted to get into art they wouldn’t have to go out and buy materials to make something. They could just simply use the useless clothing, furniture, and other materials

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