Arrests Can Be Made Without A Trial Essay

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Arrests can be made without a trial. The Stamp Act is passed taxing almost every item that enters the colonies. It was at the point that the colonists were begging for the taxes to be dropped. Events such as the Boston Massacre take place, which anger he colonists even more to the point were they begin protesting. After the Tea Act was passed, one-third of Boston begs the Governor to turn away the tea but after being ignored twice, they decide to take action. Sixty men dressed as Mohawks dumped the ship’s tea into the ocean. This results in an even stricter environment which angers the colonies even more. At this time the North and the South were more alike in their feelings than ever and together the colonists finally decide that the control that England has over them must come to an end. This begins the First Continental Congress. In 1774, political leaders come together and decide on a Declaration of Rights and Grievances as a compromise. The result of this does not please the colonists. Between the First and Second Continental Congress, a few events occur. These events include the events of Lexington and Concord as well as the Siege of Boston. These events become what are now known as the opening events of the Revolutionary War. After these events, the Second Continental Congress meets in 1776 and decides to support the war effort. During the war, both sides have their ups and downs. In the begging Britain wins battles but it does not tai long until the American take…

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