Aromatherapy Advantages And Disadvantages

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Aromatherapy massage has many known benefits such as stimulating lymphatic flow, increasing joint flexibility, blood flow and oxygen functions to the muscles due to increased circulation, tissue regeneration, lessens depression and anxiety as well as improving the overall well – being. Aromatherapy massage brings a deeper level of relaxation, balance and health to client’s life. It stimulates the emotional part of our brain as the aroma from essential oils is sent to the limbic system though the olfactory bulb. The aroma aids the brain to release neuro messengers such as serotonin to counteract anxiety and stress and endorphins to reduce pain. It is a powerful therapy to balance the body.
Aromatherapy is the use of plant substances that have been
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It concentrates on more relaxing strokes.
The various techniques most commonly used are as follows:
 Effleurage:
This is the main stroke to warm up the muscles and prepare the soft tissue for deeper treatment. It is a free-flowing continuous movement and is done with a flat palm of either one or both hands with a very steady pressure.
 Fanning
 Petrissage:
It can either be superficial or deep and is performed on specific muscle group where the tissue is easily grasped. Deep petrissage helps to promote circulation as well as loosening tight muscle.
 Friction:
It is performed around the joints and is helpful to increase circulation.
 Vibrating
 Tapotement/percussion:
These are alternate drumming movements and are performed on broad areas of the body.

Soothing music such as classical music is played to contribute to the calm and relaxing atmosphere of the massage room. The music should not be loud but rather be playing very softly in the

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