Aristophanes ' Speech : Aristophanes Essay examples

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Aristophanes gives a believable myth to better understand his interruption on love. It is one of the strongest and it stands all the speeches in the Symposium. Aristophanes’ speech answers ones questions that can’t seem to understand their craving love or why one needs to search for their other half. When it comes to finding love we are searching for our true match. This is expressed throughout Aristophanes’ speech. Aristophanes believed that to understand love we must first realize what was once human mature in which he describes to be the three kinds of nature. His point is that our nature have changed and that is not what is was a long time ago.Human nature regards to Androgynous used to be “a form made up of male and female elements, though now there’s nothing but the word, that’s used as an insult” (S1, pg25). Androgynous was once a living form of love. Being that he describes the androgynous to having human like structures but yet described as magical creatures “… They had four hands each as many legs as hands, and two faces, which were on opposite sides, was one head with four ears” (S1, pg25). This is where the three kinds of nature come into play. Aristophanes’ believed that there were three off springs when it comes to Androgynous which are humans. He explains that the male off spring from the sun, the female offspring from Earth with both combined together, both formed the moon which made love hole. Something bad happened that changed the whole human…

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