Arguments In Favor The Death Penalty

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The viewpoint I was given for the debate was to favor and keep the death penalty. This was both a difficult and straining task to complete, due to there being very limited information, statistics and proven facts that advocated for the death penalty. Most of the arguments in support of the death penalty, rested on moral beliefs which conflicted with my personal point of view, such as the principle, "an eye for an eye" otherwise known as the law of retaliation.
In my opinion, sentencing someone to death is morally wrong because it denies the defendants awaiting their death sentence, their right to life which is guaranteed in the Universal Declarations of Human Rights. Depriving someone of their life is irrevocable and an ultimate form of punishment,
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The Gallup’s annual crime poll which was conducted on October 7-11th in 2015, quantified that thirty-seven percent of Americans oppose the death penalty while sixty-one percent support it ("Solid Majority Continue to Support Death Penalty”, 2015). While conducting research, three arguments arose and was evident in the many articles and cases that came about and they may contribute to the reason sixty-one percent of Americans favor the death penalty. Those in favor of the death penalty support the three following statements: the death penalty should be kept on the grounds of retribution for murder, the death penalty acts as a deterrent against crime and saves lives. Based on the belief that the death penalty is morally wrong and violates the proportionality requirement of the eighth amendment, the statements that support the death penalty will be thoroughly examined and criticized with court cases, including their statements and opinions regarding their outcomes, statistics, empirical data, and the current state of …show more content…
Sovereignty both “preserves and destroys in the same act” (Arnold 2009, 67). which is further supported in Arnold’s example of the invasion of Iraq. In order to ensure security, the United States created insecurity for both Americans, with a propagandizing terrorists, and producing a violent space within the Iraq borders (Arnold 2009, 69). In regards to the death penalty, by the government alerting the public that the men and women who murder if not put to death, may kill again, the knowledge that death provides, is crucial to the success of the sovereign’s (government’s) use of violence to achieve its

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