Argumentative Speech On Victimization

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Hi guys.

I know it has been a while since I have put anything up and I am sorry for that. I was in college, I just graduated and now have more free time on my hands.

There is a topic I have wanted to talk about for a while now. I am still not sure how it will go over but I want to break it down and put it out there regardless.

That topic revolves around this idea of self-imposed victimization.

I feel like there is no accurate way I can describe how this makes me feel, all I know is it is negative. I have no sympathy people who shut themselves up inside a box and intentionally isolate themselves. I have no words of comfort for those who pursue dangerous people and situations, knowing full well the danger they are putting themselves in, and
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There is literally so much to say about his and not enough time in the world to talk about it. So, I am going to suffice to say, that this person knows better and has told you they know better but they still pursue this to its bitter conclusion. Then, they expect sympathy for how it turned out for them. No, you will not be getting any sympathy from me. You put yourself in that situation, you said yourself that you knew how it would turn out, and STILL DID IT. They were no surprises or misfortune here. Just stupidity, and attention seeking …show more content…
I don’t make everyone else suffer for my mistakes though. I don’t blame other people for how things turned out or how their participation made me feel. They are 100% my fault, all I ask of the people in my life is to be there. I don’t need you to listen to me bitch and whine. I am perfectly OK with sharing the good moments of my day with you. Be there to be my light in the darkness, I may complain sometimes but that’s part of being human. Don’t allow yourself to be a ‘victim’ because in the end, people will stop trusting you and believing you. At some point, they may even stop wanting to talk to you or be around you. Having someone that negative and self-involved in your life is really

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