Argumentative Speech On Tv

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Hey You! TV Sucks!

TV is part of our everyday lives. But why do you even watch TV; What makes TV so interesting and appealing to you? I may not know why TV is so addictive to watch, but I do know that it is not always good for you, or even if you’re a parent it’s not good for your child. Tv is a way to show you and make you hear sounds that are being transmitted on TV screens. But are you asking yourself why TV is bad for you, because maybe when you sit down to watch ur next TV series you should think about why it’s bad for you.

How can watching television be bad for you?
The problem with TV is that sometimes the person watching tv does not exercise like they should. A survey was done on 3,200 people, and at the end of this experiment
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Using these tips can limit you to watching T.V. This can be beneficial to you if you have kids or in the future when you do have kids.

What are good educational and beneficial shows to watch on TV?
I may not know what shows you like on TV, but I’m here to tell you that all the shows that are recommended are good shows for children growing up and learning things from the real world. These shows can also be beneficial to parents and people like you they can:
Keep you updated with society
Tell you whether or not you're in harms way; example: The news tells you a twister or any other natural disaster is coming your way.
These are ways to keep you updated of today and make sure you're involved in society. The following shows were recommended by "The Top 10 TV Shows for Kids That Teach Good Things on Netflix - Tidbits". These shows can hopefully help you find ways to make TV more educational and better for you or your family.
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Signing Time:
This can teach little kids about sign language and the importance of why know how to do sign language.
This is a very good show because it makes kid’s aware that people can have disabilities; this is a good show for Elementary all through Intermediate school kid’s.
The News:
Any of your local news channel will work. The news can tell you whether or not you’re in harms way; example: The news tells if you’re in the path of a twister or any other natural disaster is coming your way.
This is a good way to get you involved in society and make young adults like people in high school and in college to learn more from their society.

TV is not always good, in fact TV is almost never good for you. My advice to you is if you’re a parent is to keep your very little kid’s away from the TV because at this time and age it’s a critical time for brain development for children. If you’re a young adult TV is ok because you can still learn from the TV, like the news. I still advise you to stay away from the TV as much as you can. If you watch TV irresponsibly without exercise your cognitive scores, they can and will go

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