Argumentative Essay: Why College Football Should Be Paid

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In any business someone is getting the short end of the stick. Whether that be an employee, manager, or even costumer; there seems to always be a winner and loser. But there is one business that is unmatched in its disparity between winners and loser, and that is the business of college football. The last time this country saw such a wide gap between people benefiting from a business while others suffered was back in the 1920s when we did not have labor laws and employers could pay workers next to nothing. But college football is even worse than that because universities pay absolutely nothing to their stars on the field while they poll in millions of dollars each year. This level of corruption has to be dealt with because it is putting student-athletes …show more content…
Michigan made $61.6 million from football, on $85.2 million in revenue.” (manziel) These numbers are staggering and just goes to show how big college football truly is. Making 79 million dollars in a span of 10 to 13 games with a possible bowl game is unheard of. One major input into this money flow is the attendance at these games. “The four teams with the highest average attendances—Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama and Texas—all averaged more than 100,000 spectators for every home game in the 2013 season.” (bbc) One main reason as to why there is such a strong college football following is because there is “24 U.S. states without a major league sports team, and college football fills the void. Take Alabama: a state with five million people and four stadiums with capacities over 80,000. For people living here who want to watch competitive team sports, their only option is college ball” (bbc).
This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on universities to field a good football team that will pull in these types of figures. But when all of these monetary transactions are being made, one person gets caught in the cross fire, the college football player himself. A university makes upwards of sixty million dollars and the players who make the team a team, end up with

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