Argumentative Essay: The Stereotypes Of Women

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Men should not have any feminine traits.

It is universally known that big boy’s don’t cry and instead, they are ‘expected’ to maintain a stiff upper lip and keep going because men take it that have to always be manly. I disagree with this stereotype. “Be a man,” “suck it up,” are only a few phrases chosen from a plentiful basket of ego damaging creations built into today’s society. Men are born loving people, but at a very young age, they are told to follow the main traits and mindsets that matches them with our world’s concept of a man. But the truth is that men feel just as much emotions when presented with heart-warming material. Now, when men cry and express their feelings, we call them weak, pathetic and should be ashamed about it.

Nowadays being a man is defined by how brave you are or how physically strong you are or even your knowledge of fixing stuff. Men are supposed to love sports, drink beer, fight anyone and everyone while mad. Men are expected to be tall, handsome, rough, emotionless and fearless. Men should not be
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We can break these barriers down easily. Men will cry during a sad movie, recognize the beauty of a flower or teach others that it’s ok to be sensitive. All men cry, even if they’re not alone. We have emotions and feelings and feel them deeply. Sometimes, we will feel scared and we will feel inadequate. We are not always aggressive. We can feel scared during a horror movie and we can cry when faced with touching content. We do feel love and we do express our feelings with the ones we love. Every man has a feminine side, I know Bryan Wong has one. And it is ok to have it, it’s okay to express it to others. We having been running in this futile race endlessly, trying to achieve the impossible, people have run too far away from their true selves, nature, traits and

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